Raleigh Bikes Cadent 2 Fitness Hybrid Bike Review

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The Cadent 2 from Raleigh Bikes is an upgrade of the Cadent 1. The two Cadent models share a number of similarities as well. But understandably, the most recent offering has a number of components that are significantly improved. I will be mentioning the differences between the two bikes as and when necessary.

This upgraded version is touted as a fitness bike in the mid-level category. I have been testing this bike out for a couple of weeks. And now, I feel it is the right time to share my experience with you.

Before I begin with the Cadent 2 Fitness Hybrid Bike, I do want to mention that this hybrid fitness bike is suitable for both men and women. Although it is primarily marketed as a men’s bike, it comes in a lot of sizes, which makes it the right size for all riders.

Raleigh Bikes Cadent 2 Fitness Hybrid Bike Review

In this review of the Cadent 2 Fitness Hybrid Bike, I will cover all the components and features of this bike. I will also be weighing in on the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision in the end.

Let’s start the ride.



Unlike the Cadent 1 that had an aluminum frame and a steel fork, the frame, as well as the fork of the Cadent 2 Fitness Hybrid Bike, is made of aluminum alloy tubing. This has been treated with heat, which renders the bike very lightweight and extremely durable as well.

In fact, if you seem to be on a never-ending hunt for an exceptionally durable bike, I would recommend this bike without hesitation. The 6061 custom form, as well as the butted aluminum frame combines to make this bike robust and has excellent longevity.



In terms of gears too, the Cadent 2 wins by a mile. It is equipped with 3 front and 8 rear gears and Shimano Tourney EZ Fire triggers, which make it a top winner. With a combination of 24-speed gear combinations, this bike will take you from flat roads to potholed roads without the slightest problem.

Even though you don’t take the Cadent 2 on uneven terrains, the range of the gears makes you spoilt for choice in city roads as well. The gears work smoothly, thanks in part to the trigger shifters. Of course, this is also facilitated by the Shimano TX800 derailleur on both the front and the back.




Another improvement from the Cadent 1 is also in the brakes and is one of my favorite features. They are the mechanical disc from Tektro Novela in contrast to the Tektro V-brakes in the former.

The new brakes offer significant advantages which I am detailing below.

  • Mechanical disc brakes offer powerful and precise stopping power. Because of its unrivaled performance, you can ride the bike in all types of weather, including rain and snow. Of course, it pays to heed the weather advisory and refrain from venturing out in heavy snow, with or without the bike.
  • These types of brakes also require minimal maintenance, which adds to the overall convenience.

Wheels and tires


If there is one component that is similar between Cadent 1 and 2, it is the wheels. It is a 700 C with 35 mm, which offers excellent traction on the road. This is also the reason why I say this bike will work well on slippery roads with ease. The double-wall wheels ensure reliability as you take the bike out for the weekend.

The QR17 Double disc rims that are Weinmann also facilitate a smooth ride irrespective of the weather. The double-disc rims also allow the bike to carry a considerable amount of weight as well.



The seat of the Cadent 2 comes from the Raleigh series, which is similar to its predecessor. I must admit that this seat is one of the most comfortable ones on a bike. The seat itself is a steel rail while the seat post is a micro-alloy.

But this is not what makes the saddle comfortable. The seat is adjustable, which means you can ride for a considerable amount of time without straining your arms, your back, or your hips. The padding of the seat falls within the right balance, so you are most comfortable while riding.

Design and Aesthetics


The Cadent 2 Fitness hybrid bike is pleasantly designed and you will love this one. Because this one is designed for fitness, the manufacturer had incorporated some elements of sporting as well.

Among the design components that I love the most is the flat handlebars. This allows you to ride the bike with the utmost comfort, whether you assume the standing or the splitting position. Gliding across corners is also very seamless, and the Raleigh grips in the bars add to the overall comfort of riding this bike.

Additionally, the provision for mounting the fenders is also a feature that you will appreciate. The option to install a rack allows you to carry your riding gear with absolute comfort and convenience.

In terms of aesthetics, the Cadent 2 fitness hybrid bike is exceptionally striking and is also among my favorite features. The entire frame of this hybrid bike comes in bright colors, including lime green, sky blue, and light gray, among others.

This is complemented by black components, including the wheels and tires, pedals, seat, and the handlebars. If you love your bike to be as good looking as its stellar performance, the Cadent 2 would definitely fit the bill.

Pros and cons


Now that we are familiar with all the features of the Raleigh Bikes Cadent 2 Fitness Hybrid Bike, it’s time to consider the pros and cons.


  • Custom formed aluminum frame with heat treatment is a component that makes this bike unrivaled in strength and longevity.
  • With 24 speed combinations and Shimano fire triggers; this hybrid bike will take you through all kinds of roads with ease.
  • The mechanical disc brakes of the Cadent 2 are precise and work efficiently, irrespective of the weather.
  • 35 mm tires will take you through harsh and slippery roads without any issue.
  • Adjustable seats and flat handlebars facilitate smooth and comfortable riding.
  • The aesthetics if this bike is top-notch with pops of bright color.


  • Although this bike arrives up to 95% assembled, some components, most notably the gears, require professional fine-tuning.
  • The stem of the handlebars is not adjustable, which can be a problem for some riders.
  • Installing the kickstand on your own is required.



I must admit that given the price point, the Raleigh Bikes Cadent 2 Fitness Hybrid Bike comes with a number of pitfalls. The gears, in particular, require special attention, but fortunately, this can be fixed.

Nonetheless, this hybrid bike is an excellent choice. It is exceptionally durable, offers excellent control, and rides well on multiple types of roads. Apart from these, it comes with a fantastic design that will make you stand out from a crowd.

After having tested the bike and weighing all its pros and cons, I would definitely recommend the Raleigh Bikes Cadent 2 Fitness Hybrid Bike for someone who rides regularly. It is an investment worth making, and you should definitely check it out.

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