Raleigh Bikes Redux 2 City Hybrid Bike Review

With so many models of bikes flooding the market, you will rarely come across a unique bike. As such, very few bikes will catch your fancy like this one from Raleigh bikes does, and I am excited to share this bike with you.

The Redux 2 from Raleigh Bikes combines various features that make it a comfortable bike to ride in city roads. Unlike other hybrid bikes that promise to be the perfect choice in smooth roads and rough roads, this is not the case in the Redux 2. The manufacturer clearly made this one for the city streets.

This information was quite interesting to me. I say this because most hybrid bikes like this one or the Raleigh Cadent 2 can handle some rough roads and patches. But since this bike is touted as a city bike, I did not expect it to be less than stellar while testing it.

Ready to find out how this bike performed? Let's begin.

Raleigh Redux 2 Review

In this in-depth Raleigh Redux 2 Hybrid Bike review, I will be covering all the features and components that make this bike a champion on city roads. You can expect to learn about the frame, gears, brakes, wheels, and design elements as well.

Let's begin:

Raleigh Bikes Redux Hybrid Bike

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The frame and the fork of the Raleigh Bikes Redux 2 are made with aluminum. So, it's a given that this renders the bike light in weight, is sturdy, and, of course, very durable.

The makers of this bike put a lot of consideration in the making of this bike. This is mirrored in the addition of the double-butted frame and the head tube that is angled at 72.5 degrees. A combination of this outstanding feature allows effortless steering while maintaining the structural integrity of the bike.

You will also love the MTB lock-on collars on the Redux 2 handlebars. This is a feature that you will find indispensable as it maintains the performance irrespective of the weather.


The Raleigh Bikes Redux 2 is equipped with Shimano Drivetrain with 9-speed combinations. While this gear combination is not enough to see you through extreme terrain, you will have a lot of control while riding the city street and crossing some decent slopes. The trigger shifter on the right side facilitates smooth rides as well.

The addition of the bash guard on the drivetrain is another example. You will arrive at your destination without getting all messy, which is a bonus. However, the bash guard is only present on the front half, which is not bad.

Among the gear components which ensure this bike has proper handling is the chainring. It comes with 40 teeth and an 11-34 cassette. Your rides through the city streets and rail-trails will be a breeze.


Now, the brakes are what I am most excited about. Tektro hydraulic disc brakes HD-T285 allows precision irrespective of the weather. These types of brakes are typically not found in hybrid bikes having a reasonable price range, so the brand deserves applause.

I only wish that the brakes were a bit more powerful as they tend to fluctuate. But of course, they do the job efficiently, which is what matters.

Wheels and tires

The wheels and tires of the Raleigh Bikes Redux 2 are one of my top favorites. It has wheels that are 650B, which makes it the perfect companion for 27.5x47 C from Vee Tire Co. Zilent tires.

Compared to many other bikes that I have reviewed, this tire is as thick as it gets in a hybrid bike. The level of rolling-resistance that is low even on rough roads and the comfort it offers is exceptional. It also has excellent cushioning and grip, so you will not have to deal with punctures that easily.


After reviewing the features of the Redux 2 that are nothing less than stellar, the saddle is up next. However, I am a bit bummed out on this one. Although the seat post is adjustable, this is a saddle that is not the most comfortable.

For the most part, the padding is quite good. But I did not find the seat to be comfortable at all. It wasn't so bad as to cause chaffing, but I wasn't impressed either.

Design and Aesthetics

The design and aesthetics are also among my favorite components of this hybrid bike. It features a frame that is matte olive in color with black and brown accents. The seats and the handlebars are primarily black. Meanwhile, the sidewalls of the Raleigh Redux 2 are dark brown.

Raleigh Bikes Redux Hybrid Bike

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This combination in a bike is quite unconventional but striking, nonetheless. It is a design that will appeal to minimalists as well as those with peculiar tastes and everyone in between. The brand's logo on the Redux 2 is also reflective, which adds a safety component.

There are provisions in the Raleigh Redux 2 to mount fenders, basket as well as a rack in the rear. This design component makes this bike even more convenient.

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Another feature which I must say is impressive is the alloy platform pedals. This is something that is not seen in hybrid bikes in this price range and is most appreciated.

The bars on this hybrid bike are quite massive, measuring 35mm. This is coupled with the stem that has a clamp interface. If you know anything about bikes, this is something that premium bikes are known for.

However, I must also add that while this wide handlebar offers exceptional riding on shorter distances, it may not be ideal for longer rides. The level of strain on the body of riding this hybrid bike for a long-distance can be considerable.

Pros and cons

This section will cover the pros and cons of the Raleigh Redux 2 City Hybrid Bike.


  • Riding this bike is effortless due to the double-butted frame and the head tube that is angled at 72.5 degrees.
  • MTB lock-on collars on the handlebars make this bike a star performer irrespective of the weather.
  • A 9-speed gear combination with trigger shifters will take you through the city streets and slight slopes with ease.
  • The combination of 650B wheels and 27.5x47 C from Vee Tire Co. Zilent tires offer exceptional grip and traction on the road.
  • The Redux 2 comes in four different sizes ranging from Small to XL, which makes it suitable for riders of different sizes.


  • Brakes of the Redux 2 are not the best.
  • Wide 35mm handlebars can make it difficult to fit into tight spots and also put a strain on the body.
  • The seat on this hybrid bike is not comfortable at all.


Except for minor issues such as the substandard seat and the wide bars, the Raleigh Bikes Redux 2 City Hybrid Bike is a star performer. If you are a city commuter who loves a hybrid with good looks and performance, I recommend you to check out this bike.

You will find effortless confidence with the MTB inspired angles and the fat tires that have excellent traction on the roads, similar to what a bike like the Mongoose Dolomite offers. It also incorporates practical features, including the bash guard and provisions to mount accessories, so you get the most out of this hybrid bike.

The availability of different sizes of the Redux 2 and its brilliant design components makes this hybrid bike a total winner in my books. Check it out on Amazon here.

Last Updated on October 14, 2023 by Daniel White