When Is the Best Time to Buy a Mountain Bike? 6 Secrets of Saving on Your New Bike

Mountain Bikes aren’t cheap these days. Anyone that has been looking at how much a good mountain bike costs recently can echo this fact. At the same time, no one wants to overspend on a new mountain bike. So what do we do in these cases?


That’s right; we wait until the best time to buy a mountain bike comes around! In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the right time to buy and the six (6) ways to get the best deals when buying MTBs.

When is the Best Time to Buy a Mountain Bike?

During Fall, between September to November is the ideal time to buy a mountain bike. Most brands release new models at that time, so the previous year’s MTBs will be on sale at a discounted price to make way for new models. You can also find some deals on Black Friday.

In the fall months and Black Friday, you can expect savings on older mountain bike models of up to 30% in some cases. There might be rare discounts for new models, but they won’t come anywhere close to what you’ll get on the older models.

Most people will avoid the older mountain bikes and buy a new bike because it’s the new shiny thing. This is a marketing trap that manufacturers use to lure you into spending more money, necessarily on your mountain bike. They always position it in a way that makes it seem like you get the best deal, but that’s far from the reality.

You always have to remember that mountain bikes have a lifespan of 3-6 years before models become outdated. And if you aren’t riding competitively, there’s no need to buy a bike every year like you would buy a new tech device.

How do I get the best deal on a mountain bike?

Getting the best saving on your next bike involves a few more tricks than just the right timing. I’ve shared the best methods I know and have used to get good discounts on select models.

Buy your mountain bike in the Off-Season and Holidays When Prices Are Discounted.

Buying your MTB during the off-season is the only time you will get a good deal that allows you to save more money on your new bike. You’ll have an easier time finding a mountain bike that has the features you want at a discounted price. There will also be fewer people looking for the older bike models, so it’s less likely that high prices will remain at the same level or go up as the season approaches.

Furthermore, people do not buy bikes in the winter as often since no one wants to be out mountain biking when it’s freezing. But bike companies still need money to survive. As a result, they’ll try to sell their bikes at a discounted price before the winter so that they have money when there are fewer sales later.

When do prices on bikes go down for Big Retailers?

  • Local stores and big online retailers like REI, Walmart, and Amazon usually have big discounts in September and Black Friday.
  • Bike manufacturers like Trek, DiamondBack, and Cannondale tend to offer discounts at the end of summer. These discounts usually come after they put out their new bikes or make announcements on their release dates. So you can look out for these activities, and you’ll be able to know that these companies will start having good deals.
  • Some companies like Giant, Schwinn, and a few others release their next year’s models a bit earlier, so timing their discounts is a little harder. However, these companies all offer great discounts for Black Friday.
  • Most retailers also give the best discount or if they’re getting rid of old models from their storefronts.

Buy a Rental mountain Bike from a Shop Fleet.

Buying a rental mountain bike from a shop fleet is a great idea because they typically replace their older bikes often at the end of the season.

I know you might be skeptical of this practice, but it’s one of the best ways to save big. Bike shops that rent their mountain bikes normally have some of the best models available for rent.

These bike shops also maintain their bikes well enough to last throughout the year for riders to use. So if you happen to find a few on sale, you’ll most likely be getting a great bike for a very good price.

For example, I recently found three mountain bikes on sale for around $1200, and they were both top-of-the-line models from Trek. Except for a few dings here and there, the bikes were in pristine condition and could be rented out in the shop’s fleet between $70 to $150 per day!

Furthermore, you’ll also be getting a “partial” warranty on the bikes in most cases. And while the warranty isn’t as great as you’d expect from a brand new bike, I think the discounted price is worth it since the bikes are always well maintained.

Grabbing these deals from bike shops that rent their mountain bicycles is one of my favorite ways to save big.

Buy a Frameset and Build a Custom Mountain Bike

Building a custom mountain bike by only buying the frameset is a great way to get a good deal on a new mountain bicycle. This method is very effective if you already own an old mtb because all you need to do is purchase the new frameset. Then move over the old components to the new frame.

If you do not have a bike and want to create your own, this method may still be ideal for you. However, you’ll now need to be much more cautious in selecting components to make your custom build. This process will take a little know-how and research since you can end up paying more by opting for expensive components.

But if you do enough research, you can find the best deal on components by shopping for used parts or waiting until the component you want is on sale.

Find a Great Demo to buy Program and buy your mountain bike from them.

Demo-to-buy programs are your best friend if you want to get the best prices on a mountain bike. Demo bikes offer you a way to test ride your preferred mountain bike before you commit to buying. This gives you the opportunity to take it out on a trail for an entire day, so you’ll know what you’re getting into.

The demo to buy Program is like renting a mountain bike, except that the money you put up to demo the bike doesn’t just disappear at the end of the day. They’ll take that same demo fee and put it towards you purchasing the bike.

The key thing here about a demo bike is that you can test ride a variety of bikes on popular trails in your state. Then once you are satisfied, you can finalize your decision to get a particular bike from the bike shop that offered the Program with the demo fee going to the bikes’ final price.

Buy a Bike Used for the Best Discount

Buying a used bike is a great way to save money. Like retailers and big bike brands, old mtb owners are always ready to upgrade their bikes to the newest models right when the new bikes are released. You’ll also find a few people who may give up on the sport or people suffering from buyer’s remorse that decided that they want a different bike.

These people will sell their used bikes for a much lower price than you think and are often open for negotiation. You’ll also be able to find the bike you want in most cases due to the sheer number of used bikes being sold every day.

To find the best deal on the bike, you want to start by looking at sites like craigslist and eBay. Then browse through forums and ask around to see if anyone is selling their bike. You can also check out your local bike shop to see if they have any used bicycles for sale.

If you can’t find a bike in your budget, start looking at more expensive bikes, then negotiate the price till they come within your budget. Just remember that if you want the highest negotiating power, you need to make sure you are shopping off-season or during the end-of-season sales period between September and November.

Buy from a less popular Bike Company.

Buying your next bike from less popular bike brands is one of the better ways to get a discount if you want a brand new bike. I don’t know if you are aware of where bikes are made, but the reality is that most of them come from China and Vietnam these days. Even the most popular companies you can think of are having their bicycles manufactured overseas.

That’s not to bash the quality of the bikes because they are still of exceptionally high quality. But this leaves you an opening to get a better deal on your next bike purchase by going with a bike made in the USA. Or even if it is to get your bicycles from less popular brands like Canyon that build innovative new bikes.

The Bottom line

The best time to buy is right when the new models are released. You will want to start looking for your favorite brands’ new models as soon as they announce them. At that time you should start noticing some discounts on the prices for older models.

Also, make sure not to miss out on holiday sales, especially toward the fall seasons, which offer better deals than other times of the year.

Another option is to buy used or get a less popular company’s bike. You can also build one yourself. Just get the frame from your favorite company!

Last Updated on October 14, 2023 by Daniel White