What is Cross Country Mountain Biking: (Ultimate Guide) Everything To Know

Mountain biking is a sport that encompasses many disciplines, but what exactly are they? There are four main types of mountain bike riding. You can either ride downhill, all-mountain/enduro, cross country, or freeride. This blog post will be focused on what XC mountain bike riding entails and what makes it different from other forms of mountain biking.

So if you’ve never heard of XC mountain biking or want to get into it at its core, then I’ll tell you everything you need to know below.

What does XC stand for in mountain biking?

XC is a shortened term for cross-country mountain bike riding. Many people believe it to be the purest form of mountain biking and what originally came about when touring on two wheels became popular.

What is XC or Cross Country Mountain Biking?

Cross-country (XC) mountain biking is a popular form of organized mountain biking that emphasizes endurance over all terrains types instead of strictly downhill or tricky technical riding. Cross country riders tackle various terrains from sand, gravel, mud, grassy slopes, uphills, trails, etc. They will often have to carry their bike for short distances across these obstacles while still competing with others in the bike race. Cross-country races are also popular as they can be done on any terrain or surface, making them very versatile compared to other disciplines.

This discipline has been around for a long time, but it became an Olympic sport in 1996. Bike Races can occur anywhere where there are natural features like mountains or hills – just about any type of surface will work as you race cross country.

Cross Country bike riding is a great way to get into mountain biking because it’s what started off the sport and still offers plenty of challenges for riders who are looking to test their endurance, skill, and fitness level in new ways. It is also one of the least extreme forms of mountain biking, so new cross country bikers can quickly get into it without worries.

What type of bikes should you ride for xc biking?

Cross country mountain bikes are almost always hardtail mountain bikes with suspension forks that offer 100mm of suspension travel, which is what most xc riders ride. Cross Country bikes are also the lightest type of mountain bike on the market, making them easy to ride up hills and over course obstacles. They may also feature rear suspension with about 4 inches of suspension travel since cross country racing doesn’t require extreme suspension setups. These bikes are perfect for xc bike riding as they offer excellent maneuverability while still being light enough for uphill sections.

What are some common features found in cross country bikes?

Cross-country mountain bikes will always come with disc brakes because it’s what many people prefer for this discipline. They also often feature 29-inch wheels and tire sizes between 1.9″ to 2.25 inches. These wheels make the bike more stable while riding and allow better control over bumps or obstacles on the ground.

What are some good brands for Cross Country Mountain Bikes?

The best brands for cross country mountain bikes vary depending on what you’re looking for. You can check out this guide on the most popular bike brands, which will give you a good idea to start. Or if could go with one of the more popular mountain bike brands such as Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, Giant, and more.

If you want to get a bike for cross country mountain biking, then I recommend checking out what these brands offer as they are all reputable.

What are the limits of an XC bike?

A cross country bike is versatile enough to ride on a variety of surfaces and terrain – from sand, gravel, mud, grassy slopes, and even uphills trails. Cross country bikes are also good for other types of riding, which make them versatile as well – some might ride their cross-country bike in the city while others might use it for dirt jumping or freeride.

Essentially, there aren’t many limits to what you can use a cross country bike for – it’s what the xc rider prefers. However, like most mountain bikes, cross country bikes aren’t the best option for long-distance commutes or riding the mountain bike on paved roads.

What’s the difference between XC and Trail?

The main difference between an XC bike and a Trail bike is mostly in what they are good at and their design. For example, you’ll have shorter suspension travel on a cross country xc bike, shorter handlebars, and a slightly longer stem. In contrast, trail bikes have wider handlebars, greater suspension travel, larger brake rotors for better stopping power downhills, and wider tires.

Cross Country Racing Disciplines

There are three main cross country racing disciplines:

  1. XCE or Cross Country Eliminator Racing: In these types of races, the last person to cross the line is eliminated.
  2. XCO or Cross Country Olympic Racing – These are organized races that look at the time it takes to complete a circuit.
  3. XCM or Cross-country marathon racing – These races are much longer than the other types, typically 25 miles or longer.

What gear should you wear when xc biking?

XC riders should use all the standard gear, such as a good full-face mountain bike helmet, gloves, and a bike jersey. In addition to what is standard for all-mountain bikers, they should also wear a good pair of cycling shoes, padded shorts or pants, knee pads for maximum protection in case of a fall.

Can you use a CX bike as a trail bike?

Yes, you can use a cross country mountain bike as a trail bike. However, it would be best to always keep in mind that XC mountain biking isn’t as intense as trail riding since xc activities mostly take place on flatter terrains with minor hill climbs here and there. With that said, you can still use xc bicycles for trail riding.

Are XC Bikes good for jumps?

XC bikes are just as good for jumps as other MTBs. However, they don’t have the same setup as a full-suspension bike, so they will perform a little worse.

What are the benefits of xc bike riding?

There are many benefits to xc mountain bike racing that you’ll enjoy while doing it. Here are a few of the top ones:

Get a great workout

With cross-country riding, you’ll get a great workout. Cross-country cycling is an excellent way to burn calories and will leave your heart rate elevated and your muscles screaming for more after the ride has ended. If you’ve never done it before, you’ll quickly see what the fuss is about and how much fun it can be!

Build your endurance

Cross-country riding requires strength, stamina, coordination, and a great deal of balance. Riding for hours at a time on bumpy terrain will increase your endurance levels in no time.

Get back to nature

The best thing about cross-country bike racing is that in many places, you’ll be out exploring nature and what it has to offer. You won’t find any cars or buildings, which means the only thing on your mind will be what’s happening around you – how much fun it can be!

Wrapping Up

XC Mountain Biking is a unique experience that can be enjoyed by riders of all levels. Whether you’re looking to get in shape, have some fun exploring nature, or what it has to offer, cross-country biking will leave you feeling accomplished and satisfied. It also provides the opportunity for an excellent workout which may help increase your endurance levels over time and burn calories like crazy!

With the many benefits attached to xc riding, there are many reasons why cross country bicycles should be considered if someone’s interested in getting into this type of activity.

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