Best Exercise Bikes for Tall Person – (Up to 7 Feet Tall)

Are you struggling to find the best exercise bikes for a tall person? Well then, this post is exclusively for you. We have rounded up and tested a couple of exercise bikes that you can use without feeling like you're sitting on a child's bike.

For an exceptionally tall person, finding the right exercise bike can be more challenging than it appears. This challenge is because most exercise equipment manufacturers cater mostly to the average-sized population. So if you buy a standard exercise bike, your long and gangly limbs will be in discomfort throughout the workout.

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Furthermore, using the wrong sized exercise bike increases the risk of injury, which is not what you want. To make sure that you get the right bike, we've carefully tested and reviewed the top exercise bike for tall persons.

Editor's Note: The term tall can be subjective, so for this article, a tall person refers to men or women who are 6 feet 2 inches and above.

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Best Exercise Bikes for Tall Person:

  1. Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle
  2. NordicTrack S22i Studio Bike for Tall People
  3. LifeSpan R5i Recumbent Bike for Tall Person
  4. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 Exercise Bike for Tall Men or Women
  5. Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike for Big and Tall
  6. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1709 Spin Bikes for Tall People
  7. Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Exercise Bike for Tall Persons

Keiser M3i Indoor Stationary Bike – Best For Beginners

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle

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If you've never owned a stationary bike before, getting the Keiser M3i as your first bike will be your best investment yet. The M3i comes with beginner-friendly features that make it easy to get into and offers the capability to do more advanced things like syncing with any fitness app. Moreover, it's the current best exercise bike for tall persons as it supports riders up to 7 feet tall!

Keiser M3i bike for tall people features a V-shaped design with a fully adjustable handlebar and seat. So while it fully supports even the tallest riders, it'll still allow even shorter riders to get on and ride comfortably. It has a multi-grip butterfly style handlebar and dual-sided pedals that let you wear cycling shoes or regular shoes.

With the M3i, you also get tonnes of features to take advantage of for the best possible workouts. The first feature that we found quite impressive is the unique Poly-V belt drive setup. This setup uses a much lighter flywheel instead of the heavy perimeter-weighted flywheels to deliver a much more silent ride. Moreover, it simulates a truer road bike experience than most other spin bikes available right now.

It also comes with a sleek digital display that tracks all your workout metrics. This bike also supports Bluetooth, so you'll be able to sync or upload all your training to whichever compatible cycling app you choose. And it even has a tablet holder, so you have a spot to hold your tablet while working out.

NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle – Most Versatile Option

NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle

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The NordicTrack S22i is another one of those very versatile upright exercise bikes for tall people with lots of room for height adjustments. It also offers some great specs and technology that makes it one of the more premium spin bikes around. Moreover, it comes with a 1-year iFit membership that lets you participate in live classes and virtual rides.

It features sturdy construction with a weight capacity of 350lbs. The adjustable leveling feet and seat and the wide handlebars make this bike a great choice for tall persons. Also, the Silent Magnetic Resistance keeps this one smooth and noiseless during operation.

The 22-inch touchscreen display, which displays interactive training with experts and thousands of on-demand workouts, is a standout feature. With this feature, you can indulge in more than pedaling in the comfort of your home as the screen can turn 360 degrees. Even while you aren't on the bike, you'll be able to use it for other iFit workouts.

Furthermore, the addition of dumbbells, the 24 resistance levels, and the ten-year warranty is something that you cannot ignore in this upright exercise bike. And if that isn't enough to make you interested, the bike also has an incline and decline feature that simulates real-world riding.

LifeSpan R5i - Best Recumbent Bike for Tall Person

LifeSpan Fitness Recumbent Bike LifeSpan R5i Recumbent Stationary Bike, Black

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The LifeSpan R5i is the most versatile recumbent exercise bicycle for tall persons that you'll find online right now. It supports a wide range of user height thanks to its seat adjustability that even offers a reclining backrest. Moreover, it packs lots of features and a whopping 34 well put together exercise programs that are easy to follow.

As a tall person that has spent weeks with this bike, we can tell you firsthand that you'll have no issues where comfort is concerned. We can also tell you that you'll be fine with this bike no matter how heavy you are, as it boasts a 400 lbs weight capacity. This is far more than most of the other options.

So if you were looking for a good exercise bike for big and tall persons, this is the one to consider!

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike – Best Value for The Money

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike with 44 lb Flywheel and Large Device Holder, Black, Model Number: SF-B1805

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This Sunny Health & Fitness upright exercise bike is the one to consider for those tall persons looking for a bang for your buck exercise bike. It offers a wide inseam range of 28 to 38 inches, so it's excellent for very tall persons.

Among its outstanding features are the 44lbs flywheel and the magnetic resistance, which adds a punch to your pedaling sessions. You will also find the 4-way adjustable seat and wide handlebar indispensable as they allow very precise adjustments. Moreover, the tablet holder, caged pedals, safety brake, and water bottle holder add further convenience.

This bike's build quality is also pretty good as it utilizes a heavy-duty steel frame that supports users up to 300 lbs in weight.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rear Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike – Quiet Operation

This Sunny Health & Fitness bike is another excellent exercise bike for tall people. It features a similar design style as the Keiser M3i, allowing it to accommodate very tall riders. However, there is one subtle design difference in the handlebar as it features a drop style handlebar instead of the butterfly style found on the M3i.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rear Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike with RPM Cadence Sensor - SF-B1709, Black

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Like the Keiser M3i, this multi-grip handlebar on the SF-B1709 also offers 4-way adjustability that allows you to find the right length for your comfort. It also provides this same 4-way adjustment in the seat. And as mentioned before, it supports riders up to 300 lbs and 7 feet tall thanks to the 28-39" inseam length.

The Sunny SF-B1709 indoor bike for tall persons also packs a variety of features that you'll love. It uses dual-sided pedals that are compatible with SPD cycling shoes and even regular gym footwear. It also has a very nice digital display with Bluetooth connectivity and a tablet holder for your convenience. Plus, it comes with a built-in pulse sensor that will allow you to track your heart rate while riding.

You'll also get all the other standard features like water bottle holders, floor stabilizers, and transportation wheels. So with all those great things, you can feel assured that Sunny is giving you a very good spin bike for tall persons.

Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bikes – Best Bike for Compact Spaces

Echelon Smart Connect Indoor Cycling Bike + 30-Day Free Echelon Membership

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If you are over a 6-foot tall person who wants a relatively compact exercise bike, this could be your answer. Yes, the terms compact and tall are not typically compatible, but this one is an exception, as you will find out.

This upright bike has an ergonomic design that does not take up a lot of floor space. However, the fully adjustable seat, the ergonomic handlebars, and the adjustable console make it a great choice for tall persons. You will love the 32-level of magnetic resistance and the SPD compatible pedal with adjustable pedals.

Apart from its impressive setup, you will find the interactive console and the app very useful. Besides, this exercise machine even has a deal with some of the top fitness specialists and record producers worldwide, so you have personalized music at your fingertips while you exercise. If that is not enough, the 12 months warranty and the 30 days money-back guarantee makes this exercise bike for tall people too good to ignore.

Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike – Best Exercise Bike For Tall People on a Budget

Schwinn Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike

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Schwinn needs no introduction in the cycling world as they've long been renowned as one of the market's best upright exercise bike. As such, you can expect that the Schwinn IC4 will deliver excellent specs and features. Moreover, this stationary bike will perfectly seat any tall person up to 6' 6."

The Schwinn IC4 stationary bike for tall person works flawlessly with cycling apps like Peloton and Zwift. And will allow you to accurately stream and compete using those apps in the comfort of your home. The bike features a sleek LCD with precise tracking and also includes a sizeable tablet holder.

It comes with a 40lbs flywheel and 100 micro-adjustable magnetic resistance levels that gives good control of your workout difficulty—even having a very silent belt-drive design so you can work out in an apartment, at night, or with a sensitive mate.

Features of this Schwinn indoor bike that makes it tall person-friendly are the adjustable race-style seat, and the matte dipped handlebars that can also be adjusted. Of course, the SPD pedals with straps and clips also make this a convenient spin bike to own so you can achieve max workout intensity.


The FAQ is a fantastic section to get in-depth information on the best exercise bike for a tall person, so don't miss it.

Which makes an exercise bike good for a tall person?

The best exercise bike for an exceptionally tall person is the one that comes with adjustable components. This includes adjustable seats, levelers, and a variable inseam. With these features, you can make the exercise bike truly customized to your height.

Furthermore, it would be best to look for an exercise bike with a wide handlebar and preferably a step-through design. These features will facilitate comfort and easy mounting and dismounting.

Another important feature in an exercise bike that is necessary for a tall person is weight capacity. Of course, knowing your weight will be a good reference since every exercise bike comes with a maximum weight capacity.

Are compact folding exercise bikes a good option for tall persons?

Whether a compact exercise bike is good for a tall person or not will depend on the bike's sturdiness. Most compact spin bikes come with specs that are on the lighter side to accommodate the design. And since tall persons are normally heavier, there may be issues with the rider's weight and the bike's weight limit.

That being said, compact bikes can also be a great option for those who are tall but low on floor space. In this case, you'll want an exercise bike with a flywheel of about 30lbs or a spin bike like the Keiser M3i. Furthermore, design components such as an ergonomic handlebar and a weight capacity of 300lbs or more are a good option. If you weigh over 300 lbs you might want to check out our guide on some good heavy-duty exercise bikes for a heavy person.

What does the inseam of an exercise bike mean?

An Exercise bike come with a minimum and maximum inseam length. This is the length of your legs from the crotch to the base of your foot.

The ideal inseam length and the height compatibility for a tall person are 32 inches and above. Any exercise bike with variable inseam ranging from 32 to 39 inches are suitable for anyone 6 feet and above. Anyone over 7 foot tall should look for an exercise bike with an inseam of 39 inches and above.

Are recumbent bikes a good option for tall riders?

Yes, a recumbent exercise bike is a good option for tall riders as they typically have a larger seat and backrest for added support and comfort.

What are the key features to look for in the best upright exercise bikes for tall riders?

When looking for the best upright exercise bike for tall riders, key features to consider include a fully adjustable seat and handlebars, a sturdy frame, and a high weight capacity.

Is a regular exercise bike suitable for tall riders, or do they need to invest in specialized fitness equipment?

Regular exercise bikes may not be suitable for tall riders as they may not have the necessary adjustability and support for taller individuals. Investing in specialized fitness equipment, such as an upright or recumbent stationary bike, may provide a better and more comfortable workout experience for taller riders.

What are the best upright exercise bikes for tall people?

Taller individuals may benefit from an upright exercise bike that has a fully adjustable seat and a seat post that allows for a longer leg length. High end models often offer a wider range of adjustability to ensure a comfortable and perfect seating position.

Are spin bikes suitable for taller people?

Yes, spin bikes can be suitable for taller people as long as they have an adjustable seat and a maximum height that accommodates the user's height. It's important to try out the exercise bike and adjust the seat position to ensure a comfortable and effective workout.

Can folding exercise bike accommodate taller people?

Folding exercise bikes may not be the best option for taller individuals as they tend to have a lower maximum height and may not offer as much adjustability in the seat position. It's best to try out the bike and assess if it provides a comfortable and effective workout for taller individuals.

How do I ensure that I am in the perfect position on my exercise bike?

To ensure that you are in the perfect position on your exercise bike, it's important to adjust the seat and handlebars to fit your body. Taller individuals may need to adjust the seat post to accommodate their longer leg length and adjust the seat to a higher position. It's also crucial to pay attention to your posture and maintain a proper alignment while riding.

Are high-end exercise bikes worth the investment for taller people?

Best Heavy Duty Exercise Bikes

A high-end exercise bike may be worth the investment for taller individuals as they often offer a wider range of adjustability in the seat and handlebars. This allows for a more comfortable and effective workout for taller individuals. However, it's important to try out the upright exercise bike and assess if it meets your needs before making a costly investment.

Can tall people get a high intensity workout on an upright exercise bike?

Absolutely! The upright exercise bike is an excellent tool for high intensity workouts, as it allows for a full range of motion and engages both the upper and lower body. By adjusting the resistance levels and using the handlebars to add upper body movements, tall people can easily get a challenging and effective workout.

What are the best upright exercise bikes for tall people on the market today?

Some of the best upright exercise bikes for tall people on the market today include the Peloton Bike+, the NordicTrack S22i, and the Keiser M3i. These bikes are designed with tall users in mind, offering adjustable seats and handlebars, high weight capacities, and a range of resistance levels to help you achieve your desired workout intensity.

What are the benefits of using an upright exercise bike for tall people?

The upright exercise bike is a great workout machine for tall people because it allows them to comfortably reach both the handlebars and pedals. This allows for a more effective and intense workout, as the user can fully engage their upper and lower body.


Just because you are blessed with tall stature does not mean you should give up using an exercise bike. In fact, using stationary bikes is a fantastic way to get physical exercise without putting unnecessary pressure on your joints. And since joint injuries are common among taller persons, riding a good stationary bike for tall people is always recommended.

The exercise bikes for tall persons on our list includes a wide range of options. So whether your choice is for a compact exercise bike, an affordable one, or something a little extra like a recumbent bike, you should be able to find the right exercise bike for you.

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