Muddyfox Tempo 200 Hybrid Bike Review

Even though Muddyfox is not a well-known brand in the United States, it is known for making exceptional hybrid bikes in the UK. One of the top models from Muddyfox is the Tempo 200 Hybrid bike. In this article, we'll review the Muddyfox tempo and highlight all the strong points and why we think it's an excellent bike to consider buying.

The Tempo 200 hybrid bike is a great entry-level bike for several reasons, which I will elaborate on throughout this review. Apart from its exceptional quality and ease of handling, it comes with a very reasonable price tag, making it a definite winner.

To find out what makes this hybrid bike an excellent option for young riders, students, and other urban riders, let's dig deeper.

Muddyfox Tempo 200 Hybrid Bike Review

In this in-depth review, we will be talking about the different components, including the frame, gears, saddle, and wheels. We'll be covering the design aspect of this hybrid bike so you can know what to expect.


The Muddyfox Tempo 200 features a unique alloy hybrid frame. This frame makes this hybrid bike stand among the most lightweight bicycles when compared to other bikes in its price range. However, while the frame is lightweight, it is still sturdy enough, so you can rest assured that the bike is well built and durable.

For the fork of the Tempo 200, Muddyfox uses the Suntour CR7, which is rated highly among suspension forks. 

Moreover, Muddyfox offers different frame sizes suitable for riders of various heights, which we think is a huge plus. The frame sizes available for it include the 18-inch frame, as well as 20 and 22 inches. 

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Of course, you must check the recommended leg measurements before you buy the bike. In general, Tempo 200 is suitable for boys and girls above the age of 12.


The Tempo 200 from Muddyfox is crafted for young riders, and it shows. Equipped with 21 gear combinations, the range of gears is impressive. Having a bike with 21-speeds is not a feature that is common in the entry-level hybrid bike range, such as the Tempo 200. In this regard, Muddyfox has done a commendable job.

Having multiple gears on a hybrid bike ensures that the bike is easy to ride, whether you are on a flat city road or riding through a dirt road on the way to the beach.

Apart from the wide range, the Shimano Altus E-Z Fire Shifters inclusion makes this hybrid bike deliver quick gear changing effortlessly. This is also one of the reasons this is an excellent bike for young boys and girls.


Among all the features, the brakes are what appealed to us the most. It comes with Alloy V-Brakes both on the front and back as well. They work with precision, which is something very crucial for all bikers. Riding a bike with exceptional stopping power is especially paramount when it comes to young bikers who are still in the learning stage.

Thankfully, Muddyfox has given a lot of thought into making this hybrid bike with top-notch brakes. Even if you are someone who has recently started riding a hybrid bike, you will have no problems with the brakes of the Tempo 200.

Wheels and tires

The wheels of the Muddyfox Tempo 200 are excellent for a bike at this price and can only be matched by some higher-priced hybrid bikes. It comes with alloy wheels that are double-walled and measuring 700 C. Moreover, it has quick-release hubs that make this bike very effortless to repair, if required. This is a feature that will also be indispensable when it comes to its maintenance.

Simultaneously, the 700 x 35C trekking tires make this bike an ideal choice for riding on harsh road conditions with ease. But of course, you cannot expect it to handle extreme terrain as it is not an exclusive mountain bike.


The saddle of the Muddyfox is not the most luxurious or comfortable. But this is quite forgivable given its very reasonable pricing.

Thankfully, the seats are adjustable, which is a fantastic feature. The addition of the bumpers to the Cionlli saddle keeps vibrations and bumps to a minimum as well. So while the seat isn't the best, it is still excellent for this bike.

Design and Aesthetics

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In terms of design, there is nothing fancy about the Tempo 200. It is a no-nonsense bike without the frills yet very practical and robust. As mentioned above, the frame is mostly made of alloy, including the handlebars.

The handlebars on the Tempo 200 features an A-head that is adjustable. We found this very appealing and applaud the brand for this thoughtful addition. It is not a feature that you will find on most hybrid bikes in this price range.

Regarding the design, the Muddyfox Tempo 200 is mainly black, with a few splashes of yellow and orange. However, there is another color that is also available, which is primarily orange. At the risk of sounding stereotypical, the former will appeal to the young boys while the latter will be quite attractive for the female riders.

After full assembly, this hybrid bike has a total weight of 30 lbs or 14 kg, which puts it among the contenders for the most lightweight bikes. In addition to other reasons, the lightweight aspect also makes this bike suitable for both kids. The lightweight feature does not compromise the structural integrity of the bike in any way.

Although this is not a design aspect, the Tempo 200 can be purchased in parts or a whole, which is a great deal. This allows you to have access to authentic parts whenever a replacement is required. Additionally, the option to replace the parts also allows you to save some bucks, so you don't have to replace your whole bike at one go.

Pros and cons

Now that I have covered all the base of the Muddyfox Tempo 200, hopefully, let's proceed to the pros and cons.


  • The alloy hybrid frame makes this bike robust, lightweight, and durable.
  • 21 gear combinations allow you to have a wide range and absolute control of your bike while riding it.
  • It comes in three sizes, i.e., 18, 20, and 22 inches, which makes it very versatile and accommodates a wide range of young riders.
  • V-Brakes made of alloy on both the front and the back make it precise so you can ride during dry and wet weather conditions.
  • The wheels of the Tempo 200 have a quick-release hub, making it effortless both for maintenance and repairs when required.
  • The A-head stem of the adjustable handlebars makes this bike a total standout among all other bikes in its price category.
  • Weighing about 30 lbs after full assembly, the Tempo 200 is one of the most lightweight bikes that you will ever ride.
  • This bike isolates bumps very decently, and this is attributed to the seat bumpers.


  • One of the main drawbacks of Tempo 200 is that it is very scarce. 
  • Fine-tuning of some parts, including the brakes of this hybrid bike, is required.


Muddyfox Tempo 200 Hybrid Bike is a bike that does everything that is advertised by the brand. It is light in weight, reliable, and very easy to control. Among the most notable features are alloy hybrid frame, the V- brake, and the variable sizes.

The 21-speed combination is a feature that you will love as we did. The adjustable handlebars are also a fantastic feature unique to this bike and facilitate ease of riding. Similarly, the alloy wheels and the quick-release hubs make this bike easy to ride on multiple terrains while keeping it user-friendly and easy to maintain.

There is no doubt that Tempo 200 is an elusive hybrid bike. Unfortunately, the brand needs to be addressed, and there is nothing much we can do. Having said all that, if you can get your hands on this unisex bike, this is one you should not pass. It is a total winner in all aspects, whether it is quality components, craftsmanship, or performance.

Last Updated on October 14, 2023 by Daniel White