6 Best Women’s Mountain Bike Under $300 – Budget Friendly Bikes

Are you hunting for the best mountain bikes for women on a budget? Consider this post as the answer to your prayers. We have handpicked six of the best women's mountain bike under 300 dollars that you can buy confidently right now.

But before we go into the best mountain bikes under 300 to consider did you know that women's specific mountain bikes are just the smaller versions of male-specific bikes? No wonder these bikes had poor fitting frames that were immeasurably uncomfortable. The fact that they were pink did nothing to ease the pain, literally.

Thankfully, there has been a radical change in the last few years. And we are spoilt for choice for women's mountain bikes. With female body-specific mountain bikes, you can ride your bikes more comfortably and not kill your back in the process. These newer bikes are form specific for female bikers. And they come within a reasonable budget too!

So let's start right away.

Best Women's Mountain Bike Under 300:

  1. Schwinn High Timber Mountain bike
  2. Royce Union RMT Mountain bike
  3. Mongoose Status Mountain bike
  4. Hiland 26" Mountain Bike for Women
  5. Huffy Hardtail Women's Mountain bike
  6. Schwinn 27.5" Aluminum Comp Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber – best for Multiple Terrains

womens mountain bike under 300

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Schwinn's bikes are a class on their own. And these Schwinn mountain bikes under 300 with a women-specific design is everything you expect from the brand. Let's check out its features.

You get to choose from two frame styles – aluminum and steel. Also, the proprietary Schwinn suspension fork renders the bike unmatched in responsiveness. Moreover, metals also give it a great lifespan and strength. With the 7-speed shifters working in combination with Shimano rear derailleur, shifting is smooth irrespective of the surface terrain.

The precision stopping power comes from a linear alloy brake in the front as well as the back. If you like taking your bike out everywhere from trails to pavements, this is an excellent choice for you. You will also love the 12 colors and the different sizes available. With that in mind we highly recommend this as one of the best MTB under 300.

Royce Union RMT – best for Adventurous Women


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If you love experimenting with your bike rides, the RMT is all you need. It is jam-packed with features that make it a fantastic choice for all women riders.

It comes with 17-inch and 15-inch aluminum frames for strength as well as durability. In addition, the 21-speed Shimano Revoshift makes the RMT among the easiest to ride. Moreover, the 27.5-inch wheels with all-terrain tread minimize the rolling assistance, so your ride is smooth irrespective of the surface.

Furthermore, this fantastic bike has a 10-year warranty on the frame for total protection. As expected, the RMT comes in different sizes and two colors – black and purple. You can't go wrong with this one for women riders who love tackling the twisting and turning of a good trail.

Mongoose Status Mountain Bike – Best for Multiple Terrains

mongoose status

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The Mongoose Status is not a women-specific bike. However, the Status has some neat features that make it suitable for riders of all genders and also one of the best mountain bike a woman should try.

With an aluminum frame and hydro-formed tubing, you can't doubt this bike strength and durability. In addition, the 21-speeds with Shimano rear derailleur make this bike very easy to ride even for beginners. Furthermore, the 26-inch wheel with alloy rims ensures this bike is a champ in all types of terrains.

If you love taking your bike from the city pavements to the dirt trails in the countryside, we are confident that Mongoose Status is a perfect companion for when you need mountain bikes under 300.

Hiland 26" Mountain Bike for Women – Best for Beginners

Hiland MTB for women under $300

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Are you looking for a reliable bike for beginners? This one from Hiland is a fantastic choice. It comes with rider-friendly features that will make the transition from a regular bike to a mountain bike a breeze.

With 24-speed shifters, you can assume absolute control of the bike and the rides. In addition, the suspension fork and the 26-inch wheels make it the ideal bike for finessing your riding skills on different surfaces. Furthermore, the aluminum alloy frame ensures sturdiness and longevity.

This women's bike comes 85% assembled too. We hate to sound generic, but yes, the bikes' bright colors also make it a great choice for female riders.

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike – Most Versatile Choice

huffy cheap womens mtb

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With so many color options and sizes, the Hardtail is perhaps the best mountain bike in versatility for a mountain bike. And of course, it's not all about colors and sizes with this one.

This Amazon exclusive women's mountain bike has aluminum in the construction for strength and reliability. In addition, the 21-speeds make shifting smooth and effortless. The Hardtail entry level mountain bike comes with front suspension, so you take this bike out on multiple terrains. Moreover, the alloy linear brakes facilitate responsiveness and overall performance.

You will appreciate the 10-years warranty on the frame of this bike. Furthermore, the Hardtail comes in eight different colors to suit every taste. Even in terms of size, this bike is available in eight sizes, so you will be spoilt for choice.

Schwinn 27.5" Aluminum Comp Women's Mountain Bike – Toughest Bike for Rough Rides

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From one of the iconic companies, Schwinn, this women's entry level mountain bike is as excellent in quality as in features. Let's check out the features.

The aluminum frame incorporates a mountain style design with hydro-formed tubing. A combination of these features makes this Schwinn women's bike among the most responsive. Similarly, the 21 speed mountain bike Shimano shifters make every twist and turn a piece of cake. On the other hand, the mechanical disc brakes allow precision stopping, which is vital for any type of bike riding.

Top these off with 2.2-inch tires, and you have one of the best mountain bikes under 300 for toughing it out on the pavements to mountainsides. If you're anything like us, the lifetime warranty on this Schwinn bike will only add to the reasons why you should get this bike today.

FAQ - women's entry level mountain bike under $300

If you want in-depth information about affordable women's mountain bikes under 300, you should not ignore the FAQ section. That being said, here are the most asked questions answered.

What features should I look for in a mountain bike?

Some features in a mountain bike are non-negotiable. These are the front suspension or at least a little bit of it and good tires. Now, what translates as a good tire for women's mountain bikes? Look for a bike with tires that are 2.2 inches and above.

Along the same lines, tires with knobby tread patterns are also a good choice. In addition, you want to look for a fantastic set of gears and brakes.

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What differences are there between men and women's mountain bikes?

In general, there are some major differences between the two mountain bikes. The size and fit of a female-specific mountain bike are more streamlined and smaller. This includes the low tubing to accommodate a skirt, narrow handlebars, and ergonomic saddles. In addition, the stems are shorter, and so are the crank arms.


Women-specific mountain bikes are not just about the differences in aesthetics. When you ride with a female specific mountain bike, it can improve your performance significantly. In addition, these bikes reduce the level of strain on your body, which is great.

Unless you are a hardcore professional female MTB rider, our pick of the best women's bike under 300 dollars is a good place to start.