5 Best Bike Seat with Back Support – (Most Comfy Backrests)

A bike seat with back support is always a great addition to your cruiser, hybrid, or indoor exercise bike. These bike saddles provide ample lower back support that's great for persons suffering back pain. Moreover, they truly make it much more comfortable to ride your bike wherever you wish.

However, there is one big issue with a bicycle seat with back support. I'm referring to how difficult it is to find a good seat with a backrest, even harder to find one that'll fit on your bike. Lucky for you, I've had this issue myself a few months ago and solved it! In this article, I'll share the best bike seats with back support to consider for your bike, whether it's a regular bike or an exercise bike.

But before I share that with you, I'd like to tell you how a good bike seat with back support helped restore my back health. The truth is that a few months ago, I had a perfectly healthy back that quickly deteriorated due to practicing a bad riding posture. And since I'm an electric bike commuter, there's no way I could stop riding due to straining my lower back. I needed something that will take the pressure off my back while commuting.

That's where bike seats with a backrest came in to save the day. I spent three weeks researching the top bike seats and looking for the best seats with good width, backrest height, reasonable prices, and durability. Moreover, it needed to fit on my electric and indoor exercise bike perfectly. So, after searching through hundreds of seats, here are the top 6 options that I think are worth your money.

Best Bike Seat with Back Support:

  1. AlveyTech Deluxe Comfort Bike Saddle with Backrest
  2. Lixada Bicycle Back Seat Cycling
  3. Flying Horse Bicycle Seat
  4. Bicycle Saddle Bike Seat
  5. Lowrider Beach Cruisers Saddle

AlveyTech Comfort Bike Saddle

bike seat with back

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The AlveyTech Deluxe seat is one of the best bike saddles with ample back support that I felt was very good. This seat features thick padding and a wide enough backrest that provides just enough lumbar support. It will work well for persons looking to add it to their electric, cruisers, or indoor exercise bikes. The seat will fit any other bike type as long as they have the standard 7/8 seat post. 

In terms of comfort, I had nothing to complain about with this seat. I found that it perfectly supported the lumbar area and didn't cause any discomfort even after riding for over an hour. So if you're having lower back pain, this seat should be excellent in alleviating some of that pain. However, do keep in mind that it isn't a reclining seat.

Lixada Bicycle Back Seat Cycling

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If you're looking for a seat with a backrest to carry someone else on your bike, the Lixada Saddle is the one to get. This seat offers the perfect solution and size to tow a passenger safely. It features a wide padded seat and a decent-sized backrest that only supports up to the lumbar area. 

The seat is built with leather and utilizes a thick sponge padding that comfortably cushions your bum. I loved how easy it was to install on a rear bike rack, and it felt sturdy enough that I never had to worry about even carrying my 7-year-old on it. Plus, as far as bike seats with a backrest go, you won't find any much cheaper than this one.

Flying Horse Bicycle Seat

bike seat with back support

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The Flying Horse seat is the perfect option for anyone looking for a wide and comfortable bike saddle with a backrest. With this seat, you get very thick padded that feels very comfy to sit on. Moreover, the backrest flawlessly supports the lower lumbar very well and even has about 6 or 7 inches of adjustment available. 

One thing to mention is that this seat doesn't exactly allow you to ride comfortably while on certain types of bikes like some hybrids or MTBs. However, I had no complaints when using it on an electric, comfort, or cruiser bike. So do take note of this if you do decide that you'll give this one a shot.

Eapmic Bicycle Saddle

bicycle seat with backrest

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This seat offers excellent cushioning that felt very good to ride on even after hours of riding. As such, I felt it was worth mentioning as a part of the top 5 bicycle seats with back support. It features a 25x25 cm seat that is ergonomically designed. The backrest size comes in at 18x8 cm and offers some room for adjustability. Moreover, there are two styles available that you can choose from. 

The first style features a very wide seat with ample padding, while the second style features a thicker seat with a wide backrest. If you own an electric bike and need a wide bicycle seat with a backrest, this is an excellent option.

Sunlite Backrest Saddle

high back bike seat

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The Sunlite seat might be the best in comfort for beach cruisers or exercise bikes. This seat features the perfect dimensions with a 10 inches wide seat while the backrest is 8.5 inches wide. It is very well built and felt sturdy when I leaned back on it. 

This seat will work on other types of bikes, but I'd only recommend using it on a comfort bicycle, cruiser bike, exercise bike, and maybe on your electric bike. The only downside is that it costs a little bit more than the other options. This might be due to the thicker padding or durability, but I didn't think it was worth the price.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bicycle Seat with Back Support:

Before you even think of getting a bike seat with backrest, you need to keep in mind that most bikes weren't built to accommodate these types of seats. Backrest bike seats only work well with bicycles that feature a seat that sits lower than the handlebar. These are bikes such as an exercise bike, cruiser bike, comfort bike, exercise bike, and some electric or hybrid bikes.

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Once you've understood this, you need to ensure that the seat will fit your bicycle Seatpost.

Wrapping up

Getting a comfortable bike seat with a backrest is an excellent idea to deal with lower back pain. However, you have to keep in mind that this won't solve the problem in your back. I had to get into stretching and exercising my lower back to get rid of the pain. Still, it will help if you need to keep riding your bike while you have pain. 

If you need a bike seat with good back support just for more comfort, then the ones listed are the only ones you need to consider.