Best Fat Bike Under $1,000 – (Top-Rated) Budget Fat Bikes Reviews

So you want to ride a badass looking bike with fat tires but don't want to go overboard with the price? How about the best fat bike under $1,000? After many hours of consideration and nitpicking, we have our list of the best fat bikes under 1,000 for you.

But before we present these fantastic bikes to you, here's an interesting fact about bikes with fat tires. Originally, these bikes were developed for riding in snowy conditions in Alaska. Understandably, they have undergone some modifications but still offer the same benefits as they were intended.

  • Fat tires on a bike increase balance and control.
  • You can take your fat tire bikes anywhere you want. This can be anywhere from snowy landscapes to rocky shorelines with absolute ease.
  • Bikes with fat tires are easy to ride and very comfortable. This is because large tires fantastically absorb shocks.

The same cannot be said about bikes with regular tires since they do not absorb shocks as well as a fat tire bike.

A Word of Caution

Bike prices are subject to change, and we have no control over the prices at the time you are reading this article. However, most of the fat bikes under 1000 on this list should maintain a price range around that amount. But we just want to emphasize that we can't control the prices and discounts.

best fat bike below $1000

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Are you looking for a minimalist looking bike with fat tires? If you are, then the Mongoose Malus is all you'll need. It's the perfect definition of minimalist with its all matte black aesthetic and sleek design.

The Malus features a steel frame and alloy a-head stem, which renders it reliable and durable as well. Moreover, the mechanical disc brakes, the rear derailleur, and the 7-speed Shimano drivetrain make this bike responsive and effortless to ride.

The 26-inch tires, of course, take center stage in the Malus bike. Moreover, the 4-inch width and the 4-inch alloy rims make this bike a champ in strength. And yes, the tires take to multiple terrains with effortless ease. If you are a bike rider on the heavier side and considering a fat bike, this is definitely a contender.

Mongoose Dolomite MTB – Best Budget Fat Bike

best budget fat tire bike

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The Dolomite has been on the brand's inventory for some time and with good reason. It is lightweight without compromising its performance and comes at an unbeatable price.

In terms of features, this bike is no less a winner. With a threadless headset, you can adjust the height effortlessly. In addition, the 7-speed setting, rear derailleur, and twist shifters make this bike one of the easiest to ride. The 26 x 4-inch tires make this bad boy a joy to ride in multiple terrains.

Furthermore, the steel frame and alloy rims ensure that this bike is sturdy and durable. Speaking of alloy rims, the bright colors on it will make sure that you stand out in any situation. Provided, you have some decent riding skills, of course.

Addmotor MOTAN Budget Electric Fat Bike - Best Fat Bike Under 1500

best electric fat bike under 1000

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The Motan from Addmotor is our budget fat bike of choice for a couple of reasons. It is powerful as it is good looking. However, we are a bit torn about its price tag because, in some places, it retails for more than $1,000 at the time of writing this article.

Nevertheless, this 750W power electric bike is a total winner. Built with a 6061 aluminum alloy frame, a Fat Tire bike couldn't get any more lightweight or as reliable as this one. In addition, the 7-speed freewheel, 1/2 Twist Throttle, and 48V motor enable this bike to reach up to 23 mph, which is impressive.

And yes, the 26-inch wheels and colorful alloy rims keep all eyes on you and your bike. This bike runs on lithium batteries, which is easy to recharge and disassemble too. Furthermore, the weight capacity of 300 lbs, which is something very few bikes can boast about.

Mongoose Argus and Argus ST – Best Fat tire bike for sand

cheap fat tire bicycle

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The last of the affordable fat bikes on our list are also from Mongoose. Although fat-tire bicycles are generally easier to ride than regular ones, the Argus takes the trophy for being the easiest to ride.

The Argus comes with a sturdy steel hardtail frame making it stable and durable. With mechanical disc brakes, 7-speeds, and Shimano rear derailleur, this bike is responsive and works with precision. Moreover, the 26 x 4-inch fat tire is just what you need for traction and balance on sand or snow.

You will love that the Argus is suitable for riders of all heights, whether you are five feet or a six-footer. However, this budget fat bike also comes in kids and youth sizes, so it is also very versatile. Another feature worth pointing out about this bike from Mongoose is that it comes in multiple colors.

In The Barrel Men's Fat Tire Bicycle - affordable fat bike for beginners

affordable fat bike under 1000

The SixthreeZero In the Barrel fat tire bicycle is an excellent and very affordable fat bike under 1000 that has everything you need to cruise around. It features 4" ultra smooth semi-slick tires that are great for sand, streets, and pavements. Moreover, it has an ergonomic frame that makes it look very modern.

The overall design of this bike is similar to a beach cruiser bike. As such, it isn't meant to do aggressive riding. And since it has a single speed setup, you won't be able to use it to tackle steep hills or ride at very fast speeds. However, you do get all the comfort you'll need from it since it has swept back handlebars and a very comfortable bike seat.

In terms of tech specs, the In the Barrel Fat Tire bike offers the sturdiness to carry riders that are up to 300 lbs. It also has large 36 inch tires that make it a suitable bike for riders between 5' to 6' 4". The bike features a steel frame, a shimano 18 teeth cassette, and good coaster brakes.

If you want a bike with fat tires for recreational riding, there isn't anything much better than this one from SixthreeZero that you should consider. 

EVRYjourney FATTIRE - Cheap fat Tire bike

affordable fat bike under 1000

Another one of SixthreeZero fat tire bikes that we think is a great option to consider is their EVRYjourney FATTIRE model. This bike is step up from the basic beach cruiser like design of the previous SixThreeZero option as it offers far more features. However, since it has more to offer it does also carry a higher price but we think its worth it. And its still a cheap fat tire bike when all the specs you get on it is considered. 

With the EVRYjourney FATTIRE bicycle, you are getting a durable bike that can withstand riders that weigh up to 300 lbs. thanks to the sturdy aluminum build. It features a Shimano Tourney Rear Derailleur that is equipped with a 7 speed setup. And thanks to the Shimano Index Revo 7 Speed shifter, the changes in gears are incredibly smooth.

This bike also comes with front and read mechanical disc brakes that provide enough stopping performance to slow down the large 26"x4" wheels. What we loved about this bike is that it'll allow you to take on any terrain come rain, snow, or sunshine with ease. And it also has a comfy saddle, reflectors and a rear mounted bike rack. 

With all these great features, you'll lack for nothing if you opt to get the EVRYjourney FATTIRE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer fat bikes' most frequently asked questions.

What is a fat bike?

A mountain bike that has rims that comes with rims that are 2.16 in or larger and oversized tires is called a fat bike. Moreover, the tires on a fat bike work with low inflation pressures measuring about 5psi. Low pressure is typically required for riding over obstacles. However, it can also work with high pressure up to 10 psi.

This type of bike has wide rims and forks to accommodate the fat tires. Other names of a fat bike are fat-tire bike, flat tire, and snow bike.

Why do Fat bikes look different from each other?

Fat bikes are not all the same. They come in different types. These include:

  • Single-speed – These fat bikes come with a single chain wheel drivetrain. In addition, the cog is also single.
  • Electric bike – This type of fat bikes come with an electric motor. They are as efficient as motorcycles and are great for riding on hills.
  • Full suspension – Fat bikes with full suspension are less common, but they have also hit the market. These bikes are champs at absorbing shocks but are not easy to configure.
  • Titanium and carbon fiber – Fat bikes with titanium and carbon fiber construction is also getting a place in the bike market. These bikes are lightweight and absorb shocks in a great way, however, they are expensive.

On what type of terrains can I ride a fat bike?

Fat Tire bikes are among the most versatile mountain bikes. This means you can ride these mountain bikes over multiple terrains with absolute ease. That being said, here are the terrains where you can ride them on:

  • Sand
  • Snow
  • Mud
  • Bogs
  • Desert
  • Biking trails
  • Pavements

The Bottom Line

These cheap fat tire bikes have several advantages that cannot be found in other types of bikes, including mountain bikes. These bikes are among the most versatile, which is the primary reason for their popularity. In addition, these types of bikes are very accommodating when it comes to riders of different sizes. Furthermore, their excellence at absorbing shocks also makes them a joy to ride.

Our recommendations should serve as a good reference if you are looking for the best fat bikes under 1000. If you decide to check out the bikes on our list, you won't be disappointed

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