Mongoose vs Schwinn – Which One Should You Choose?

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When we hear Mongoose vs Schwinn, we automatically think of two of the most popular bike brands competing for the top position. Although both Mongoose and Schwinn are bike brands, we know Mongoose for its BMX bikes and the Schwinn for their excellent commuter and road bikes.

In this article, we will put the types of bikes that Mongoose vs Schwinn offer in the market against each other, and also compare their best selling products. By the end of this article, you will learn a lot about both bike brands and decide for yourself which you should buy.

After I took a closer look at Mongoose and Schwinn, I found out that their other products, besides their main lines, which are BMX and road bikes, also have very interesting features. Putting them against other products in the same industry has led me to believe that these two bike brands are worthy contenders.

Mongoose vs Schwinn comparison


Instead of going straight into the product line comparisons, it will be best to know a little about the history of both Mongoose and Schwinn:


Mongoose is a world-class bike brand that started off as a brand name that BMX Products, Inc. had complete control over. They took care of everything, from designing the bikes and manufacturing to selling the bikes. Currently, we get their products through Pacific Cycle under Dorel Industries.

There are many innovative features on Mongoose bikes that many people fail to notice. They have a very user-friendly assembly process for most of their bikes. Different bikes require different functions, and Mongoose makes sure to study all these before incorporating them into their bikes.



Schwinn is slightly more mainstream in the bicycle world. This particular bike brand has made its way to the top 15 best brands with its reliability and quality products. They have survived many hardships and came out on top, stronger, and better than before.

Schwinn was one of the biggest bike manufacturers in the 20th century in the United States. Now they present themselves to us as a sub-brand of Pacific Cycle. One thing in common between Mongoose and Schwinn is that they both have ties with Pacific Cycle.

Comparison of the bike types of Mongoose vs Schwinn


Let us get into the comparison of the two brands. But before we get into the product type comparison, we shall explain why we are comparing bike types instead of their features. Since Mongoose and Schwinn are brands, they offer many kinds of bikes, and knowing them will help to start with the comparisons:

Mongoose bike types




Anyone interested in BMX will know about Mongoose. Why? Because Mongoose and BMX go hand in hand. The BMX bikes that mongoose designs are for riders of any age. Mongoose makes sure that even kids or beginners can use their BMX bikes. Not only this, but they also make BMX bikes for experts to reach their full potential. There are a total of 24 models under the Mongoose BMX category.

The two types of BMX bikes that they sell are Freestyle and Race. Their BMX Freestyle bikes are sturdy and can withstand your toil and efforts. At the same time, BMX Race bikes suit newcomers and beginners as well as experts in the field.

Mountain bikes


Some people like to ride their mountain bikes and explore extreme terrain while others prefer to go on regular adventures. Regardless of what you want, Mongoose has three options for you to choose from: they are Downhill mountain bikes, Dirt Jump Mountain Bikes, and Fat bikes.

Mongoose Downhill mountain bikes are perfect for downhill racing. You can test your skills and limits out at the park too. Dirt jump rides can withstand even greater toll on dirt roads. Last but not least, the fat bikes will give you a taste of adventure in any weather or climate.

Urban bikes


What we mean by urban bikes are those bikes that you can use to commute daily from home to work or any other place. Under this category, Mongoose offers two types of bikes, namely adventure bikes or gravel bikes for commuting, and cargo bikes which can have much more carrying capacity than regular bikes.

Kids’ bikes


For kids, Mongoose offers two sidewalk bikes, which are ideal for your child to enjoy cycling in and around the neighborhood.


Schwinn bike types

Road bikes


The road bikes by Schwinn are light, sturdy, yet forgiving all at the same time. It makes for one ideal mode of daily transport.

Mountain bikes


The aluminum frames of Schwinn mountain bikes are light and sturdy at the same time. If you want a downhill, fat bike, or dirt jump bike like Mongoose, you might need to do a little bit of research from your side because they do not categorize them accordingly.


However, these bikes are still very dependable and will help you climb through any terrain, whether extreme or not. The design of Schwinn mountain bikes keeps the wrists and back relaxed.

Hybrid bikes


Hybrid bikes are something that Mongoose does not offer. These bikes serve dual purposes, one being a mountain bike, and the other being a road bike. They are narrow enough to pass through traffic with ease.

Commuter bikes


Commuter bikes are similar to the urban bike category of Mongoose. They offer comfortable bikes that you can ride for hours and not feel exhausted. However, Schwinn does not provide cargo bikes as an option.

Electric bikes


Another distinctive bike type of Schwinn is electric bikes. Electric bikes come with a motor that can help you go that extra mile—this particular type of bike aids in giving the rider an extra push while going uphill too.



This bike type is self-explanatory. Tricycles have three wheels and are ideal for very young children. Schwinn offers a tricycle called eMeridian Trike, which has a motor strong enough to climb uphill. However, the tricycle with the engine is quite pricey.

Kids Bikes


There are 19 bikes under Schwinn explicitly designed for children. These bikes are affordable, durable, and will help your child, to build confidence in cycling at a young age. These Schwinn kids’ bikes are easy to control.

Best Mongoose bike


The Blackcomb 26” mountain bike is the best bike that Mongoose sells, based on reviews and customer feedback. It has a full suspension frame with 24 shift speeds. The double alloy rims make it highly durable and long-lasting even after regular use.

Pros of Blackcomb Mountain Bike

  • The sturdy alloy rims make this bike light yet stable.
  • The disc brake system allows the bike to stop almost instantly on demand.
  • The Blackcomb mountain bike is durable and will not spoil even after intense daily use.

Cons of Blackcomb Mountain Bike

  • Although the disc brakes are very useful, they add weight to the mountain bike.

Best Schwinn bike


For Schwinn, the best bike will be Protocol 1.0. This amazing mountain bike will satisfy all your mountain exploring needs and adventures with its full suspension aluminum frame. Much like the Mongoose mountain bike, this Protocol 1.0 also has 24 speeds.

Pros of Protocol 1.0 Mountain bike

  • The aluminum frame makes this bike as light as possible.
  • It delivers a very comfortable ride even while riding through rough terrain.
  • Schwinn offers value for money with the Protocol 1.0 Mountain bike.

Cons of Protocol 1.0 Mountain bike

  • It might be difficult for beginners and newbies to set up the bike for the first time.

What are the main differences between Mongoose vs Schwinn?


Mongoose offers its buyers BMX bikes and cargo bikes, while Schwinn does not. On the other hand, Schwinn has a variety of electric bikes and road bikes, unlike Mongoose. The prices of Mongoose bikes are more affordable than those of Schwinn bikes.

Schwinn offers a lot more choices than Mongoose. Schwinn bikes are usually much lighter than Mongoose bikes because Schwinn makes use of aluminum or alloy frames and not steel.

Final verdict


As predicted, Mongoose and Schwinn focus on very different product types to have a common basis for comparison. Therefore, which brand is better will depend on why you need a bike, or what your purpose for buying a bike is. When it comes to choices, Schwinn will have more options for you to choose from, but it does not have BMX or cargo bikes.

On the other hand, Mongoose has BMX bikes and cargo bikes but does not have electric bikes. Therefore, first, think of why you want to buy a bike and then go for the brand that offers what you need.

In case you want a mountain bike, both Mongoose and Schwinn offers this type of bike. So you can go for the cheaper one, that is the Schwinn Protocol 1.0. Other than that, you can check its frame design and choose which one you prefer.\

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